Britain’s Got Talent competition

Britain's got talent competition
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Many are blessed with extraordinary qualities and talents and reality television shows like Britain’s Got Talent is the UV TV show that gives them an opportunity to showcase their gift to the world, and potentially perform in front of the Queen herself. Sadly I am not one of these talented individuals!

Britain’s Got Talent is one of the many popular itv competitions that additionally offers massive prizes to the viewers at home who can participate from the comfort of their arm chair. We publish all the viewer Britains Got Talent competitions here as soon as they are announced.

Latest Britain’s Got Talent Competition

Britain’s Got Talent is set to relaunch in 2012…meanwhile you can visit our home page for all the latest competitions, or check these ones out!

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How To Enter The Britain’s Got Talent viewer’s competition

There are several entry methods to the BGT competition. Your best option is always to enter using the online method via the competitions form – we will provide the direct link to the form every time a competition is announced. This entry method is free!

  1. To send your entries via PRTS phone, call the number provided and follow the instructions. Itv allow several entries per phone number. The call from BT landlines is just over £1 per call.
  2. You can also send an sms text message to the number, entering A, B, or C to indicate your answer. Sms adopts the same method of allowing several entries per phone number. Those who submit their entries via SMS will receive a reply message as an approval of the entry and are then invited to enter the competition a second time for the same phone number for an additional entry.
  3. The red button is for Virgin and Sky users. You have to press the red button on the remote control to submit an entry (again, being allowed several entries per phone number). The cost per red button is just over a pound.
  4. The online entries can be sent via the official website (we always provide the direct link to the BGT competition entry form…and you’re also entitled to several entries per phone number, although they don’t make this fact very obvious!).
Every time a BGT competition is announced we provide you with all the information you need to enter, including how many times you are allowed to enter per phone number. This means you can really increase your odds of winning and it will cost you nothing!

Britain’s Got Talent Prizes

The cash prize for winning the BGT talent contest was £100,000 and increased to £500,000 in series 6 (a lot of money to be won by a dancing dog!) along with the opportunity to perform in front of the Queen as part of the Royal Variety Show. The BGT viewers competition is always a massive cash prize + other VIP goodies; a gadget bundle, a car, an amazing holiday or a VIP concert…the cash prize has been as high as £50,000 in previous shows! Often the Britain’s Got Talent competition for viewers spans a number of weeks (eg it is bi-weekly) which is understandable considering the huge prizes!

Britain’s Got Talent Competition Format

The talent competition follows a similar format to many other shows such as Dancing On Ice and The X Factor whereby a panel of judges have their say in the auditions and early days, but as the competition progresses the viewer vote takes over. Auditions take place at major cities all over the UK, contestants have been known to que for a number of days in the cold to try and ensure their shot at fame. The successful contestants are called back and the show is aired on television. Although one of the most popular shows on ITV, Britains Got Talent has recieved some bad press for being “cruel”, however we all know this is part and parcel of these style of shows, adding to the entertainment factor.

Simon Cowell is the most famous of the talent contest judges, however co-judges include Michael McIntyre (love him!), David Walliams, Cheryl Cole and David Hasselhoff. From day one, BGT has been presented by Saturday night prime time duo Ant & Dec, who seem to be involved in all ITVs reality success stories.

Winners Of The Britain’s Got Talent Contest


BGT Diverity
Image: wikipedia – Diversity

There has been many very talented contestants in BGT, however the tow that stand out for us are Series Three winners Diversity (an amazing street dance act which spawned many copy-cats in the following years and led to TV shows dedicated to dance) and Susan Boyle…who was actually the runner up in Series three, but still a winner in our eyes.

The £500,000 cash prize which went to Ashleigh and Pudsey seeemed a bit unfair…yes; I am an animal lover but there were many more deserving acts in my opinion, however when it comes to the Britains Got Talent competition, the final decision is always down to the public vote!

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