Atomic Kitten are working on comeback single


After getting back together on the ITV show Big Reunion and preparing to go on a UK tour with the other revived bands, it seems that Atomic Kitten are returning for good. Natasha Hamilton just revealed that the girls have started recording a new album and they are now working on the ‘comeback single’. She also said that they are about to sign a recording contract too.

In an interview with Daily Mail Online Natasha talked about of the reunited band’s future plans, saying: We’re definitely, definitely concentrating on the band. We’ve already got a record deal underway ‘We are writing songs for our new album as well.

Wednesday morning she tweeted that she is going to the studio with her colleagues to record a potential comeback single, which sparked lots of comments from the fans, to which she replied that Atomic Kitten has plenty of material to choose from.

After getting back on stage and performing Natasha got really excited about continuing on the pop-route. She talked about the Big Reunion tour, which starts in May, saying: Cannot wait, it’s quite intense though. It’s every night for two and a half weeks. We’re going to have to be well behaved. We won’t be able to go to the bar, we’ll have to rest our voices! ‘We’ve had the best time. I’m not going to lie, going into it I was nervous because I thought what if we don’t have the chemistry that we had when we were kids? But literally the first day back to work together was back to business and we all slotted back into our old funny ways… Loud and hyperactive. I mean, I just love working, working defines me. I love being a mum and being at home with my kids but I feel really inspired when I’m working and being on stage performing, doing what I love doing.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the Big Reunion bands will do a special tour in December, the Big Reunion Christmas.

Natasha also talked about her efforts in supporting Macmillan’s fundraising event ‘A Really Good Night In’, which will take place all over the country on Friday 26 April.  Natasha‘s family has been affected by cancer many times that’s why she wants to help this event raise funds and awareness. She said: Well, it’s all about having a really good night in. We want everybody to get all your friends and their family around, either have a dinner party or a girlie pamper night or a poker night – or anything that just gets you to interact with your friends. And charge on the door or put a donation in the pot. It’s just a new fun way of bringing awareness.

As a young child my grandmother had throat cancer so that was many years of tough times. We have to be really careful , we have to have more checks. One in three people will end up with some form of cancer, it’s a lot of people. And we need awareness and that’s what Macmillan gives.

For her own Really Good Night In Natasha will cook for her family and close friends. I’m going to have a dinner party. I’m going to cook a dinner, I’ve got my meal planned already, mozzarella and dried tomatoes and I’m going to have champagne and nice pedicures and manicures. I’ve been so busy with the girls and working so it will be a nice night for us all. It’s just close family and friends this time. I wish I could invite my Big Reunion family but we all live miles away from each other. We should do another night and get them to donate as well.