Apparently Gary Barlow is still a judge on X Factor


After Tulisa being axed from the show, and all the speculations about who is going to form the panel this year constantly increasing, it seems that Gary Barlow is set to be back on his chair, after making up with Simon Cowell.

In the past there we’re talks about the fact that Gary and Simon barely spoke to each other, and the guy who wrote an unofficial biography of Cowell stated that the mogul thinks of Barlow as being “wooden”. But, it seems that the two have cleared the air and left everything in the past, now being “in a good place”.

According to a source who talked to The Mirror publication it seems that:  Simon and Gary are in a good place now – and Gary looks a good bet to be back on the show this year. ITV, Simon and X Factor execs all met up in the last few weeks. They have come up with a list of judges they want – and Gary is one of them.

Another celebrity who was in the picture to be part of the panel, Rita Ora, recently admitted that she declined the offer. The star, who participated in the show as a guest judge declared:

 I think right now I don’t think it would be the right time to do anything X Factor. I’d love to come back in and out and be a guest judge but if I was to take on the full role it would come from a place where I feel I’m satisfied with my career and right now I’ve got a lot to do.

She also revealed that Simon Cowell thanked her for her short appearance on the show and  looked like he wanted to say something else: I actually met Simon finally at the Brits after all the things we did for X Factor. He came up to me, he said, ‘Thank you so much for doing that for the show’. I said ‘Yeah, of course, it’s fine’, and then he looked at me, he gave me that look like there’s something coming but he never asked me .I’m like, what does that even mean? Like, ‘I’ll call you later’, or, ‘I’m never going to call you again?’ Which one is it?