Ant’s wife, Lisa wants a Big Reunion for her band


Lisa Armstrong, Anthony McPartlin’s wife, is a former member of the band Deuce.  Whether you remember them or not, they were a brief success in the 90’s. So with the growing popularity of the Big Reunion show, it seems that one of the former band members, Craig Robert Young, would like to be part of that and reunite the group. And Lisa is behind his idea.

Deuce was made up of Lisa Armstrong, Craig Young, Kelly O’Keefe and Paul Holmes. They had four top 30 single in 1995 and 1996, and split in 1997.Since then, Lisa became a make-up artist and married Ant, while Craig is an actor in LA.

But the two think it’s a good idea to bring back the old ABBA-like group. Craig said: It’s been so long since we were all together. It’s funny how quickly time passes. We had some great times in Deuce. It would great to get back together again .After living in Los Angeles for 13 years, the idea is a little daunting, but a little exciting at the same time. Bring it on, I say!

Craig says that Lisa and Paul have agreed to the idea of a comeback, and he is trying to find Kelly now to see how she feels about a reunion.

The first series of the Big Reunion has been a TV hit, proving that people are nostalgic after the bands of the 90’s , and also was a good idea for the reunited bands too. Atomic Kitten, 911, Liberty X, 5ive, Honeyz and B*Witched have left behind everything and are starting to get successful again, as they are about to hit the road with the Big Reunion Tour.