Ant and Dec visit Leeds for Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant & Dec

Every week, Saturday Night Takeaway visits a different part of the country, in order to give its viewers the chance to win a trip to America. What they have to do is take the challenge to show their stuff in front of Ant and Dec and the cameras.

This week, many locals from Yorkshire have gathered in Leeds to do something flamboyant, from dancing to impersonating animals, so that they can land that trip to Las Vegas. Ant and Dec were the hosts of the show, which took place at a shopping centre.

A lot of enthusiasts have showed up and they tried to put on their best show. One of the contestants got in the spirit of event and came dressed as the king of Rock’n’Roll Elvis Priestley. One of the people involved in organizing the event declared: The people of Leeds have really been great ambassadors for the North. They have not let us down for supplying quality entertainment for Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

The Leeds show will be featured on Saturday’s edition of the Takeaway, when Sharon’s Osbourne is set to make an appearance.

A trip down memory lane

So it seems that even a after four years gap, Saturday Night Takeaway is still one of the most loved shows on television. The show returned on the ITV screens with new games and some of the old ones, so why not have a look at some of those who didn’t make it back, but entertained us many Saturday nights.

One of the first skits, back in 2002 was Banged Up With Beadle, when a person from the audience is trapped with comedian Jeremy Beadle for a week before the live show. If they complete the task they receive cash prize. Unfortunately the idea didn’t return for the following series even though it seemed fun.

Another popular game that was set over the first three series was Home Run, which basically had Ant and Dec expressing their annoyance about people who were out on Saturday night instead of watching Saturday Night Takeaway. They would surprise people who were out at a bingo hall or a restaurant and offered £5000 to the first person who would get home. Also, in order to receive the money they had to promise never to go out Saturday night again. Once the Home Run game brought in Ant’s sister, Sarah McPartlin.

One of the funniest games was Jiggy Bank, which had random people approached in shopping centres ride a robotic pig, in the style of a rodeo. The harder they rode it, the more cash they’d make.

Opportunity Knocks was based on the television show with the same name, and the artists who participated at it to repeat their acts.

Another bit that hits nostalgia is Ant v Dec, where the pair challenged each other to some crazy stuff. One of the most remembered challenges, and not in a good way, was the motorbike stunt in the Ring of Fire. The stunt got Dec injured, with a broken thumb and elbow, and because of that the bit got cancelled.