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You’ve Been Framed – how we love this show and have fond memories of Jeremy Beadle back in the day and dreams of the video tape recorder we never had…yet fast forward & now we have everything we need to make fantastic videos in our trouser pocket!

The cash reward for sending in a clip which is used on the show is £250 (from memory it has always been £250 or thereabouts) and in the past there was a competition for the best clip with the winner receiving £1000, although this is no longer.

Over the past 20+ years there have been many variations on the You’ve Been Framed competition for the viewer to win cash prizes, gadgets and goodies. These include the “what happens next” and the “how many times” format. Not quite as big as some of the other TV competitions, the prizes are usually in the region of £2,000, offered in a mix of cash, electronics & You’ve Been Framed goodies.

You’ve Been Framed Competition

You’ve Been Framed  competitions come & go rather randomly; sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not, however you can view all TV competitions by clicking here.

Daybreak and Lorraine competition – win an Audi Q5 car + £30,000 cash (w/c 20th Jan – 2 weeks)

The Daybreak and Lorraine closing date for online entries is Thursday 13th February 2014 at midday (2 week competition) No question to answer Enter...

Like all TV shows, it is in the earlier days when things were best; take Blind Date, Big Brother or X Factor as other examples; these shows based on “reality” or viewer-participation are always best when the participants don’t know how to “play” the show and it is much more genuine.

This was so much the case for You’ve Been Framed that they actually introduced a “named & shamed” part of the show, where they played the clips that had been setup by viewers in order to earn the £250 prize. If I had a video recorder back in the day I would have probably tried it myself…but sadly I did not! Also the clips tend to get “watered down” with samey stuff which takes away from the initial impact.

Despite discontinuing the Youve Been Framed competition for £1000 winning clip, the show still gets inundated  with material; the advent of the mobile recording device (aka mobile phone) and the simplicity of emailing your clip means getting featured on the TV show is now more accessible for everyone.

You’ve Been Framed has the winning formula and we predict it will be one of those family favourites that never dies – just keep your eye out for the competition or pop by here if you miss it!

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