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X-Factor – Weekend 4 21st/22nd September

X FactorX-Factor – Weekend 4 21st/22nd September

Tonight we’ll see the last of the 4 double weekend auditions, we’re we saw the contestants firstly auction solely to the judges, and then in front of a, audience in Wembley. They’ve been gradually whittled down and now only the strongest singers will be going through to bootcamp, we’re they battle it out for a chance to go to the judges houses and then a place on the live show!

First up we had,


(Aged 20) – duo speed talkers
Audition 1: Cheryl – ‘Call my name’

  • One in the same person, you really can’t sing” – Gary
  • look fantastic, two vicky pollards” – Sharon

Unfortunately they didn’t get through


Justin Pang

18, from China, he’s in UK alone, studying Math
Audition 1: Whitney houston – ‘I look to you’
The voice was a complete surprise for this young 18 year old giving a very emotional, pitch perfect audition

  • I wasn’t expecting that, you’ve got real potential” – Gary
  • I was totally surprised” – Louis
  • You’ve got god vocal control” – Nicole

3 yes’s, with only Sharon saying no, as she felt he might not be able to handle live shows


Sam Callahan

from Essex
Audition 1: James Blunt – ‘You’re beautiful’

  • “Young and Cheeky, girls are gonna like you” – Louis
  • “Very Confident” – Sharon

Gary wasn’t sure, but Sam still got through


Paul Akister

24, Pub singer
Audition 1: Sam Cooke – ‘A Change is gonna come’

  • “A rich tone to your voice” – Sharon
  • “You sound like an old soul” – Nicole


Joseph Whelan

27, builder
Got through last year, but didn’t make it to judges houses
Audition 1: Bon Jovi – ‘Always’

  • “Loved you voice last year, think i love it more this year” – Gary
  • “You’re what the shows all about” – Louis


Green boots

Dean 18 and Patricia (21) a couple madly in love
Audition 1: Aladdin – ‘A whole new world’
Finished with a kiss, however not the best singing, so unfortunately they didn’t get through

  • “Honest and real, but this show is not right for you” – Nicole


Sisters, Joanna & Alexandra

Audition 1: Rhianna “girl on fire”

  • “Thought tho day couldn’t get any worse” – Gary


The Rives Brothers

One Direction – Everytime we touch

  • “Sweet as Pie” – Nicole


Carrie, Hannah, Laura

– The daisy chains, best friends playing live for 5 years
Audition 1: Diana Ross – ‘Stop in the name of love’

  • “Hanna has a potential to go far, but on your own” – Gary

Gary tried to persuade Hanna she needed to go on alone, as this could be a serious career for her.
She decided to go through by herself, a huge decision said Sharon, but she had to too it for her family and her dream


Jayson Newland

call centre
Audition 1: Luther Vandross – ‘Never too much’

  • “You’re gonna sound amazing on record” – Gary
  • “Its lovely to watch you perform” – Sharon


Andrea MaGee

28 – Singer song writer
Audition 1: She sang her own song

  • “put it across very well” – Gary
  • “you’ve got your own niche” – Louis


Lorna Simpson

, 26
Audition 1: Whitney Houston – ‘I have nothing’

  • “Laura I loved it” – Gary


The last act

The Nostalgics

(Aged 68 – 94) – from Coventry, 14 elderly sing-a-long group with biscuits! “The Ones we want to be as big as are dead!”
Audition 1:‘Bring me Sunshine’

  • “I think Louis could fit in great” – Gary
  • “you make me smile” – Sharon
  • “If Bill takes me out dancing, then its a yes from me” – Nicole


Part Two of the Auditions: Shown on Sunday night

Ryan Mathie

18, Maintains rubbish vehicles
Audition 2: Daft Punk – ‘Get Lucky’
Really got the crowd going, up and dancing with Nicole joining in and giving Ryan a wink!

  • That’s the way you do it” – Nicole
  • I thought you were sensational“, “Very likeable” – Sharon


Tenors of Rock

6 piece male rock vocal group
Audition 1: The Animals – ‘House of the rising sun’

  • I’m all about boys singing their balls off” – Nicole

Audition 2: Bon Jovi – ‘Living on a prayer’
Once again they got the judges up especially Louis and Nicole. Louis went wild giving rock signs

  • “Thats the way to do an audition” – Gary
  • “You brought the house down” – Nicole
  • “I loved it” – Louis


Hannah Sheares

She went solo after auditioning with The Daisy Chains
Audition 2: Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

  • “You are so much better on your own” – Gary
  • “You made the right decision” – Nicole


Xyra – Girl Group

“You are a bit of a breath of fresh air “- Gary


Brick City

Who we saw audition at last weekends audition also got through singing Mary J Blige – No More Drama



Audition 2: The Black Eyed Peas – ‘Let’s Get It Started’

  • “You’re not gonna make the final as a group” – Gary
  • “Its the chemistry thats lacking” – Sharon

The judges still put through the group but with doubts about the vocals of the 2 guys in the group.


Zoe Devlin

waitress, 28
“something so retro, you make it sound contemporary” – Gary


Joseph Whelan

Audition 2: ACDC – Sweet Child of Mine
“Its all about standing out, you made a show for us tonight” – Gary
“I just have to say yes” – Sharon


Crissie Rhodes

25, wedding singer
Audition 2: ‘Young Hearts run free’
A heartfelt soulful vocal, wooed the crowd over
“the best training for you, you’ve learnt your craft” – Sharon
“An Amazing audition, your voice is so beautiful to listen to” – Gary
“Effortless” – Nicole

Although next week they’ll be showing what categories the judges get, theres been a rumour frenzy about who the judges got.  The Xfactor categories are The Groups, The over 25s, The girls and The boys!  Simon Cowell supposedly rang the judges from his luxury Yacht. The rumours currently circulating are saying that Gary Barlow has got the groups,  Nicole got the girls, Sharon The over 25s, and Louis, the boys. If this is true, it would seem that Nicole and Gary are perfectly suited to their category, and this could prove a very interesting, feisty battle.

Gary has been in boyband Take That since the Early 90s, as well as now dabbling in his own Solo career, with an album coming out later this year. As well as having Worldwide success in Pussycat Dolls, Nicole has had an equally as successful solo career with invaluable advice to offer the girls in her category.

Bring on the last of the auditions for Series 10!

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