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The Secret Dealers competition is a fun competition based around the antiques valuation show and has similarities to Dickinson’s Real Deal, with which it rotates ,at around 3pm on ITV1 (repeated on ITV3). In addition to the nature of the show, this itv competition is similar in that it generally runs daily, with prizes being smaller than the morning biggies, but yet still often totaling to more than £20,000 in one week.

The fact that there is a new competition daily, means there are more chances to win a smaller cash prize of a few thousand pounds. On occasions, the Secret Dealers competition groups all the days together and runs a bumper prize all week eg. a prize of £20,000 for which you can enter all week, as opposed to severl smaller prizes.

Latest Secret Dealers Competition


Secret Dealers competition – win £5,000 cash (closes 21/12/14)

Which of the following is closely related to the hare? A: Badger B: Weasel C: Rabbit - we think C! Phone / sms /...

Win £5,000 to spend at Tesco stores

Homeware groceries and so much more - spend it as you please!...

Win £20,000 with Secret Dealers competition (closes 15th December 2014)

A gambling machine is sometimes called a ‘ one armed…’ what? A: Bandit B: Burglar C: Bully - we think A! Postal, sms &...

King Bingo – free £20 to play & no deposit required!

£20 Free Play Slots and Bingo FREE ON SIGN UP £10 for bingo and 200 slot spins plus 300% match on first deposit but...

Secret Dealers competition – win £15,000 cash (closes 10/12/14)

No online entry - postal, sms & phone only: There is a very poisonous plant known as ‘deadly’ what? A: Nightshade B: Sunshade C:...

Win £1,000 for a holiday with Secret Escapes

Closes for online entries 15th Jan 2014 Just enter your details. Good Luck...

Free £10 - no deposit required

As you can see, the Secret Dealers competition often runs daily, with prizes in the region of £1000-£5000.

Secret Dealers Questions

As per usual, there is no need to stress about the difficulty of the competition questions – they’re always really easy A, B or C multiple choice on a simple subject. But if you’re having trouble then we’ll generally have the correct answer posted on our website. Comping has never been so easy!

Entering The Secret Dealers Competition

The Secret Dealers Competition is one of the competitions and therefore you can enter by a number of methods. Phone, text and online are most popular, however don’t get sucked into sending that text or making that call whilst sitting on the sofa…coz it’ll cost ya around £1.50! Eeek! However entry online is free and you can enter more than once. So take a minute to submit your entry online and save a few quid.!

Here at the ITV competitions website we list all the TV competitions we can find, including Secret Dealers. So if you have difficulty finding the correct link or end up missing a show then just pop over here where you will find everything you need!

How Secret Dealers Works

Basically a number of antique dealers come into your home and make bids for any items they like the look of. Meanwhile an independent dealer has also “advised” on a price range….this is kept secret.

The home-owners then open the bids & compare with the independent dealer price. They decide if they wish to accept any of the bids. They can also prompt for an increased bid. If one of the dealers really want the item a bidding war can arise and the homeowner can walk away with a tidy sum. You can read the wiki here

secret dealers competition 120812

secret dealers competition – 120812

 Example of a Secret Dealers competition question

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