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Denise Welch on a break from filming Loose Women. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those loose women have a lot to say….and thankfully a lot of stuff to give away too in the itv Loose Women competition which often beats the prizes offered on some of the other big TV shows such as This Morning! It’s hard to believe Loose Women is more than 10 years old, for some reason it still feels like one of the “new” shows. First aired in 1999, it is the top UK daytime TV show for celebrity gossip, with current affairs being treated in a much more light-hearted manner than in the earlier part of the day by shows such as Daybreak & Lorraine; keep it funky, keep it Loose Women!

The Loose Women competition prize is always a biggie, although perhaps not as much imagination goes into it as the other shows in terms of the prizes available; there have been a lot of cash prizes (with a few holidays thrown in!) recently. Not that £30,000 cash is anything to be sniffed at; spend it as you please without constraints! Competitions are usually ran over the course of a week, however they have been known to span multiple weeks…and even host daily competitions.

Most Recent Loose Women Competition

The most recently posted Loose Women competitions are below, however you can view all the TV competitions here. We update as soon as the latest competition is announced and provide the direct link to the free entry form.

This Morning competition & Loose Women competition – win £60,000 cash prize (closes 23/03/15)

Joint competition. No question to answer. Postal entry deadline is 5:00 pm on Thursday 26 March 2015 (cheapest method - plan ahead & use...

Loose Women & This Morning competition – win £40k cash & Caribbean Cruise and vouchers

Cheapest entry method for this prize is by using a 2nd class Royal Mail postage stamp and postcard. Postal entries must be received by...

Daybreak and Lorraine competition – win an Audi Q5 car + £30,000 cash (w/c 20th Jan – 2 weeks)

The Daybreak and Lorraine closing date for online entries is Thursday 13th February 2014 at midday (2 week competition) No question to answer Enter...

As per general competitions, you can enter the Loose Women competition more than once (currently up to 6 times per telephone number), however we recommend you check the T&Cs as these can change at any time. Prizes and cheques are always made out in the name of the winner so be sure to enter the correct details when entering.

It is also recommended that you use the online entry method to save the £1.50 fee for entering via telephone or text (approximate cost only!). Entering online via the competitions form is easy & if you miss the competition question you can always find it here. We’ll make sure you never miss the chance of entering the Loosewomen comp 🙂

Overview Of Itv Loose Women Show

Loose Women airs around our typical UK lunchtime on the itv television channel and it is the light-hearted banter between the guests, panel (and occasionally the crew) which make it such a success; so much so that 14 years later we are still watching. On its launch it was slammed by some people for being too loud & perhaps feminist, however these features have contributed to the longevity of the show, putting the girls first at a time when most shows were previously hosted by men (or at the very least, co-hosted).

The Loosewomen competition is a common tactic used by many television shows to hook viewers in, engage them & get them talking; it works! The viewers know the competition is coming and are eager to participate in what is essentially a free lottery ticket, albeit with a slightly smaller prize! Sometimes they throw in some gimmicks such as winning your own printed Loose Women coffee mugs (just like the ones the panel members have).

Loose Women competition question & prize

An example of a Loose Women competition question & prize

So be sure to enter the competition every week (NOTE: sometimes the bigger prizes span multiple weeks) and remember you can enter more than once…just  be sure to check the itv com terms and conditions to find out how many times.

As a rule, we post the basic information on how many times you are allowed to enter the Loose Women competition on the information pages and the link to the itv online entry form.

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