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Katie Hopkins no longer welcome on This Morning

Katie Hopkins has apparently been  ‘let go’ from ITV’s This Morning

Katie Hopkins has been a regular on the This Morning couch since her exit from fellow ITV programme ‘The Apprentice.’ She began to build a reputation for herself on the show as being loud mouthed an opinionated, but it wasn’t until after she left that she began making headlines for her controversial views on everything from women’s rights to childcare.

She has recently appeared on the morning TV show with presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby expressing her views on a number of topics. First she appeared to talk about her views on children’s names claiming that we CAN and in fact SHOULD judge a book by its cover so to speak in that it was her opinion that children can be judged by name alone. She claimed that names like ‘Tyler’ of ‘Chardonnay’ would have her running for the hills and she would put an outright ban on her own children mingling with the likes of them. Of course this caused a stir both in the studio with Philip and Holly both getting visibly annoyed as the comments got more and more outrageous and with audiences at home seeing social networking sites such as Twitter fill up with angry comments from fuming members of the public who were angered by Katie’s blatant snobbery.

Peaches Gelfdof

Peaches Gelfdof

She recently appeared for a second time alongside Peaches Geldof to have a showdown around parenting skills. Now while Hopkins has every right to bring up her own children in the way she sees fit, it was this time her attitude and remarks towards Geldof which sent people into a rage against her. She made snide comments about a recent photograph that had been leaked to the press of Peaches accidentally knocking her son out of his pram when she tripped on a pavement. However peaches held her own in the argument and Hopkins was snapped leaving the This Morning studios looking visibly shaken.

However despite riling many a viewer it seems ITV enjoyed the debates she sparked and she obviously made good television. This time however it seems she may have gone too far.

Hopkins posted an ill-timed tweet about Scottish life expectancy just as the devastating news about the helicopter crash in Glasgow broke. The news that a police helicopter had crashed into the roof of a nightclub in the city shocked people all over the world. The crash killed several and injured many more and was a terrible shock to the city.

Unfortunately Hopkins had tweeted the following just as the story was released:

“Life expectancy in Scotland 07/08 birth is 59.5. Goodness me. That lot will do anything to avoid working until retirement.”

She has since deleted the tweet.

Hopkins obviously denies that the tweet was related, having obviously managed to miss the news of the helicopter crash which was at this point all over the news –the story having broke just hours before.

ITV, obviously aware of what this could do to their reputation released the following statement: “We have no plans for Katie Hopkins to appear on This Morning at this present time.”

Katie was unusually apologetic insisting her post was associated with newly released NHS statistics and was nothing to do with the crash. She wrote.

“I apologise to those I offended. It was poor timing,” she wrote in response.

Obviously even Katie was not stupid enough not to realise what it could do to her reputation. It seems she may have lost her seat on the This Morning couch for now, however we are sure she will find a way to keep her somewhat controversial views flowing.

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