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ITV’s Daybreak interviews Amanda Knox

The suspected murderer talks to Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly live on TV.

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox

Daybreak, not a show normally known for being too contentious caused a stir last week when they interviewed suspected killer Amanda Knox. They breakfast chat show which airs from 6am to 8.30am Monday to Friday refused to comment on speculation that they had paid Ms Knox a rather large sum of money to appear.

Knox recently caused upset with her book release which is rumored to have paid her 2.4 million. She claims this money was spent on legal fees defending her ‘not guilty’ plea in the case claiming that she killed British Student Meredith Kercher in November 2007. The book entitled ‘Waiting to be Heard’ apparently barely covered the costs of the huge legal fees with Knox claiming her parents had to max out credit cards and even remortgage their house in order to pay for them.

Speaking via videolink from the US Knox stated that she would not be returning to Italy for the re-trial which has recently been ordered by Italy’s Supreme Court beginning at the end of this month.

Knox has recentlytried to reach out to the Kercher family claiming that she is deeply hurt by the knowledge that Merediths parents and relatives still believe she is guilty of mudering their daughter. She said: Meredith is a part of my life. She’ll always be there. I want to be there and share that with them.”

During the interview with the Daybreak presenters Amanda stressed that she had not yet tried to make any contact with Meredith Kerchers family as she was too fearful of what their reaction would be. Knox’s lawyer Anne Bremner confirmed that Knox was keen to try and prove her innocence to them and would “be willing to contact them on any terms”

Amanda presented herself as confident and self-assured during the interview in which she stated she would be happy to take a lie detector test, and that she was 90% sure that she would be proven innocent once more.

Knox will remain in Seattle where she now lives during the new trail claiming she cannot afford to stay in the country or indeed pay for the travel to get there.

Only time will tell if Knox manages to escape conviction a second time,

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