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ITV This Morning – Downsize the Family Results!

Downsize the Family results are in.  For 12 weeks the contestants on ITV’s This Morning have undergone gruelling lifestyle changes in a grand attempt to move from fat to fit. The results are in and we present them for you here.

Downsize the Family

7 May 2013: After a glorious Bank Holiday of sunshine, Phillip Schofield and and Holly Willoughby welcomed back to the ITV This Morning studios 4 families who, since January, have been taking part in the challenge to ‘Downsize the Famiy’ as a weight-loss project to help them go from fat to fit. Over the last 12 weeks, the families have been on a dramatic lifestyle journey, embarking upon diet and exercise regimes in order to lose weight and get healthy, with the help of This Morning fitness and nutrition experts. It’s time to see how the families have got on, how their fitness has improved and how much weight they have lost.

We were shown film of the families as they got to grips with their new exercise regimes and diet changes. Presenter Jeff Brazier got to know them all and visited them on their fitness programmes. He also went along with the fitness and diet experts to see the families and what kind of food they were serving up now for the family meals. Healthy bolognese with wholewheat pasta and a lean mince chilli were judged to be far better options than the fat laden fast foods and fizzy drinks they’d been eating before.

Back in the studio, the families each came to hear the results of their 12 week challenge.

The Cottrells

Mum Vicky and daughter Madison looked transformed from their images in the film. We’d seen Vicky giving her daughter crisps for breakfast and a tea of cheesey chips. Madison had been bullied at school about her weight, and said the fitness project had transformed their lives by giving them a positive attitude. Between them they boosted their fitness levels and lost an amazing 4 and a half stone in weight.

The Leveys

Jo, Alan and their children Imogen and Megan said they’d wanted to be a healthier family. Alan had high cholesterol and high blood pressure meaning an increased risk of heart attack. Jo said she’d been picked on at school as a child about her weight and didn’t want it to happen to her own children. They totally changed their diet as a family, eating healthier meals, and presenter Jeff noted how they’d succeeded by working together as a family. Their fitness levels were all up and they’d lost an incredible 5 stone in weight between them.

Read more at: http://uk.tv.yahoo.com/itv-morning-downsize-family-results-124800090.html

Downsize the Family is a good example of a show that helps improve people’s lives.  It’s a good alternative to the violence and mundane adultery stories found often on soap operas and in dramas. Do you watch television shows that promote good health habits? If so, which are your favourites?  If not, what do you prefer instead?

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